Mergers & Acquisitions Group

Over the past two decades, Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have become an increasingly popular mode of business expansion for companies around the world. Despite their apparent popularity, over half of these M&As end up reporting failure. This failure has been traced back to an inadequate strategic rationale for the deal, a lack of pre-acquisition evaluation, failure in addressing cultural differences and, poor post-acquisition management. Therefore, examination of factors influencing the M&A success and the effective management of M&As are critical for researchers and practioners interested in M&A deals.

The aim of M&A RIC is to investigate the factors influencing the success of M&As and develop practical guidance for the successful management of domestic and international M&As. In this respect, we encourage debate and discussions surrounding the pre- and post-M&A issues from a variety of disciplines such as strategic management, international business, corporate finance, human resources management and cross-cultural management. We strongly encourage practitioner based case studies, discussion papers and articles surrounding the management of M&As.

CHAIR: Dr Mohammad Faisal Ahammad