EMRBI’s Centre for Research, Innovation and Development

The EuroMed Research Centre (EMRC) aims to create and disseminate business related knowledge through research, training, and consulting both for the private and public sector, addressing the needs of both academics and practitioners in the EuroMed (European and Mediterranean) region. EMRC supports, administers and manages all the projects under EMRC and EMRBI (EuroMed Research Business Institute).

Specifically, by combining the resources, knowledge, capabilities and expertise of its members and associates, EMRC’s objectives are to:

Research, develop and disseminate business knowledge through funded projects, innovative research ideas and techniques and conceptual developments. This can be achieved through:

  • Project Management and proposal elaboration for participation in local, national and international funded programmes;
  • Applying and participating in funded research projects at a local, regional and international level;
  • Partner search for business, research, development and innovation possibilities of cooperation;
  • Developing databases open to all stakeholders providing information on various business related areas;
  • Consulting services;
  • Regional development assessments and reports;
  • Cluster and Networking formation;
  • Initiating, supporting and organising conferences, seminars and workshops.

Develop business research and educational cooperation between countries, universities, organisations and people. This can be achieved through:

  • Cross-cultural studies focusing on contact between different organizational cultures;
  • Conducting research programmes that will be useful to academics, researchers and practitioners
  • Joint research programmes across institutions and countries;
  • Market research services;
  • Developing business and functional plans for public and private organizations;
  • Comparative studies;
  • Facilitating and supervising post graduate research work (PhD, DBA, MPhil etc.).