New Research Success by the EuroMed Research Business Institute

DAEDALUS: Euro-Mediterranean Career and Employment Advisor Portal for the Mobility of Young Residents

Funded agency: European Union, ENPI-CBCMED (Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean)

Partners ;from: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Palestine, Lebanon and Tunisia.

Duration and Budget: 2 years duration, total programme budget (1,940,000 euro)

EMRBI Coordinators: Professor R. Kaufmann and Professor D. Vrontis

Aim Objectives:

The overall objective of DAEDALUS is to effectively address the needs of young residents seeking employment in the labour markets of the Mediterranean Sea Basin by enhancing their career and business opportunities; matching their qualifications and skills with existing needs in neighbouring countries; and enabling the exchange of information and knowledge about potential synergies and collaborative activities.

On one hand, DAEDALUS aims to offer electronic career advising services to help young people raise their competence level in marketing their skills and searching employment in the Mediterranean markets. On the other hand, DAEADALUS shall constitute an efficient instrument for stakeholders in order to post employment vacancies, seek qualified competitive employees and explore investment opportunities.

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