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 TitleName SurnameAffilliationNotes
Senior Fellows (SF-EMAB)
1Prof.StamatisAGGELOPOULOSInternational Hellenic University[email protected]
2Prof.Stefano BRESCIANIDipartimento di Management Università degli Studi di Torino. Italy[email protected]
4Prof.PhilipposKARIPIDISInternational Hellenic University/University of Nicosia[email protected]
5Prof.RudiKAUFMANNUniversity of Applied Management Studies Mannheim[email protected]
6Prof.VijayPEREIRANEOMA Business School, Reims Campus, France[email protected]
7Prof.PeterSTOKESUniversity of Chester Business School[email protected]
8DrShlomoTARBAThe University of Sheffield, UK[email protected]
9Prof.AlkisTHRASSOUUniversity of Nicosia, Cyprus[email protected]
10DrEvangelosTSOUKATOSTEI of Crete, Greece[email protected]
11Prof.Demetris VRONTISUniversity of Nicosia, Cyprus[email protected]
12Prof.YaakovWEBERCollege of Management, Israel[email protected]
Fellows (F-EMAB)
13DrGiselaALVESUniversity of Minho · Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade (CECS)
14DrEnricoBATTISTIUniversity of Turin - Department of Management[email protected]; [email protected]
15DrTobiasENDRESSFOM University of Applied Sciences[email protected]
16DrAlbertoFERRARIS Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy[email protected]
17DrAntonino GALATIDepartment Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
University of Palermo - Agrarian Faculty
[email protected]
18DrAntonioIAZZIDepartment of Economics, University of Salento[email protected]
19DrYioulaMELANTHIOUUniversity of Nicosia, Cyprus[email protected]
20MrGabrieleSANTORODepartment of Management - University of Turin[email protected]
21DrAndrewSCHEINNetanya Academic College[email protected]
22DrS M Riad SHAMSUral Federal University, Russia[email protected]
Associate Fellows (AF-EMAB)
23DrYannisAIKATERINIDISTEI of Crete, Greece[email protected]
24Prof.Maria TeresaBIANCHILa Sapienza University of Rome[email protected]
25Prof.GiovannaGAVANADepartment of Economics, University of Insubria[email protected]
26DrLeaIAIADep. of Business Administration, “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pe[email protected]
27Prof.PiermicheleLA SALADepartment of Economics, University of Foggia[email protected]
28DrNicolaMIGLIETTA Department of Management - School of Management and Economics[email protected]
29DrAnna MariaMOISELLOUniversity of Pavia[email protected]
30Prof.FilippoMONGEUniversity of Turin[email protected]
31MsGeorgia SAKKACyprus Youth Association, Cyprus[email protected]
32DrRuggieroSARDARODepartment of Economics, University of Foggia, Italy[email protected]
33DrUrsulaSCHINZEL Université du Luxembourg[email protected]
Student Members (SM-EMAB)
34MrHenningTIRREL University of Nicosia, Cyprus[email protected]
35MrGeorgeYIAPANASUniversity of Nicosia[email protected]
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