Organisational membership benefits

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Become a member of a network of distinguished organisations, business people, business networks, business schools and universities in the European and Mediterranean region.

Nominate one representative who will be eligible to be elected to officer positions, or committee member to EMAB (EuroMed Academy of Business).
Have your organization logo on website.

Be invited to EMRBI’s (EuroMed Business Research Institute) annual members’ meetings.

Phrase your opinions about and make suggestions for EMRBI throughout the year.

Being eligible to vote for Country Directors that will participate in Institute Executive Board.

Be eligible to various bodies at EMRBI (Executive Board, scientific committees, teaching committees, etc)

Receive the 3 issues of the EuroMed Journal of Business (EMJB), the official journal of EMRBI

Receive one fee waiver EMAB (EuroMed Academy of Business) Annual Conference that is held in a different country every time.

Benefit from EMRBI’s experience and infrastructure in organising workshops, in-house seminars, consulting and training programmes at a discount rate.

Get access to EMRBI’s networks of academics, researchers, and professional in business related fields.

Use EMRBI’s networks and recieve its assistance in establishing links with individuals and institutions in the European and Mediterranean region.
Acknowledgement as a sponsor of EMRBI.
Co-organize activities with EMRBI in the EuroMed region.

Make use of the EMRBI website to announce your job vacancies.
Eligible for discount of 10% in the HIGHER EDUCATION section of the Euro-Mediterranean Trade and Partnership Fair.


Annual organizational membership fee: EUR 1550