The EuroMed Research Business Institute

The European-Mediterranean region has experienced rapid market environmental changes over recent years.The challenges and threats to academics, practitioners, researchers and governments of the region often have distinct differences to those experienced in other geographic areas in the world.The EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI) aims to contribute to and share the understanding of different business environments and trends in the region through research, teaching and consulting.It also seeks to provide an updated overview of the emerging business practices and stimulate and nourish dialogue in the countries of the region and neighboring countries.

The EMRBI Concept

EMRBI is undertaking research and scholarly activities, while offering also a range of business-related professional services, both through its own resources and/or through associated organisations and individuals. EMRBI pursues funded and sponsored research from a wide scope of sources and aims to add value to local and international knowledge, but also to international collaboration and peace.

The Institute accepts as members individuals and organisations of verified high standards, experience and calibre in their corresponding fields; and has built a strong pool of knowledge to carry out research of any scale and business scope. Similarly, EMRBI is in a position to offer professional business services of the highest standards, by pulling together the ideal combination of experts as demanded by the nature and focus of the clients’ needs.