Dr. Gil Bozer

Country: Israel
Zip Code/ Postal:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +972544553123
Cell phone: +972544553123
Skype: gilmelbourne
Internet site:
Research interests: Leadership
Gil Bozer, PhD,is a lecturer in the Department of Human Resource Management Studies at Sapir Academic College in Israel. His research interests include executive coaching, succession planning,and leadership development. Gil has published in professional and research-based literature on executive coaching and succession planning. Dr. Bozer earned his PhD in Management from Monash University,Melbourne,Australia. Prior to his academic career,he served in various positions as a human resource officer in the Israeli Defense Force.
Research interests focus on various aspects of organizational behavior and leadership. Dr. Bozer uses organizational and management theories to explore various aspects of leadership and career development in organizations. His research is inspired by: leadership and character,leadership development,succession planning and executive coaching.

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