Cross-cultural & International Management Group

Globalization has come a long way towards allowing for the free movement of people, goods, services and capital across borders. Institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals, can operate, compete and coexist within supranational societies of citizens with divergent cultural backgrounds. This reality is reflected in the complexity of the business, governance and administrative environment demanding a high level of cultural competency.  More than “cultural awareness”  is needed by organizations and their management. Advanced cross-cultural know-how, directly related to the challenges executives are constantly confronted with, that can potentially become an organizational resource is essential.
The EMRBI CCM-RIC aims to examine all culture-related organizational issues and develop new knowledge on the grounds of which management’s effectiveness in international and domestic settings will be improved. In this respect, the RIC welcomes research proposals, debates and any other form of interactions.
co CHAIRs: Dr Evangelos Tsoukatos & Prof. Yaakov Weber