Corporate Finance and Valuation Group

The Corporate Finance and Valuation RIC aims to become a leading platform on the trends and research conducted in financial issues. In particular, the proposed RIC purposes to deal with systems perspective applications and solutions to gather the challenges for the implementation of business organization and management practice in various financial fields and its main objective is to bring together academics, researchers and practitioners that are interested in Corporate Finance and Valuation topics.
This research committee aims to provide opportunities for all the interested themes to exchange new ideas and experiences, establish new international research relationships.
The RIC involves (but not limited) the following research topics that can be investigated with theoretical or empirical frameworks based on traditional or innovative point of views:
  • 1) Value Creation, Financial Analysis and Capital Structure
  • 2) Value Investing and Strategic Assets Selection
  • 3) Behavioral Corporate Finance
  • 4) Real Estate Finance
  • 5) Islamic Finance
  • 6) Valuation
CHAIR: Prof. Nicola Miglietta
Antonio Salvi, Irina Ivashkovskaya, Enrico Battisti, Alberto Ferraris, Francesco Campanella