Aims and scope of the RIC

The Business Evaluation RIC intends to become a leading platform on the trends and research conducted on business evaluation of private and public firms. The research topic can be investigated both with theoretical and empirical frameworks based on traditional and innovative streams. The aims of Business Evaluation RIC are to bring together academic researchers and practitioners to compare their point of view and to provide opportunities for all the interested subjects to exchange new ideas and experiences, establish new research relationships. The main purposes of the RIC are forecasted to:

–    promote specialized international research on business valuation with particular reference to the development of studies on the cost of equity, intangible assets and special assessment cases as in for example bankruptcies firms;

–    promote international collaboration by increasing relationships between researchers and practitioners.

CHAIRS: Prof. Gianfranco Zanda, Prof. Stefano Fontana

Prof. Gianfranco Zanda Professor Emeritus of Accounting University of Rome Sapienza