Associate Professor Christina Öberg

Country: Sweden
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Email: [email protected]
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Research interests: Mergers & Acquisitions
Christina Öberg is an associate professor at Lund University. She received her Ph.D. in industrial

marketing from Linkö;ping University. Her research interests include mergers and acquisitions,;

brands and identities,; customer relationships,; and innovation management. In her research

on mergers and acquisitions focus has been on (1) how mergers and acquisitions affect and

are affected by business relationships with customers; (2) the impact of acquisitions on co-
development projects; (3) methodological issues in studies on mergers and acquisitions. She has

previously published in such journals as Journal of Business Research,; Construction Management

and Economics,; International Journal of Innovation Management,; European Journal of Marketing,;

International Marketing Review,; The Service Industries Journal,; Journal of Business-to-Business

Marketing,; Scandinavian Journal of Management,; Thunderbird International Business Review,; and

Industrial Marketing Management.

Associate Professor Christina Öberg