Accounting and Finance Group

The Accounting and Finance RIC intends to become a leading platform on the trends and research conducted in Accounting and Finance issues in both the private and public sector in the Mediterranean Context.
The Accounting and Finance RIC of EuroMed Academy of Management aims at bringing together academics, researchers and practitioners which are interested in a plethora of Accounting and Finance topics as well as at attracting and engaging in its procedures an international audience. We aim to create an on-line forum where reports and work in progress will be exchanged, joint work and collaborations will be encouraged and sought and productive exchange of ideas will be hosted. The members of Accounting and Finance RIC will have the opportunity to get together at an annual meeting organized during the Annual EuroMed Conference.
The Accounting and Finance RIC is mostly interested in the following issues:
  • Financial accounting
  • Management and cost accounting
  • Auditing
  • Public sector accounting
  • Accounting in SMEs
  • Capital markets
  • Corporate finance – investments
  • Regulations
  • Ethics
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co CHAIRs: Dr. Sandra Cohen & Prof. Venieris George