New RIC manager/Coordinator

New RIC manager/Coordinator

Dr Riad Shams had been appointed as the new RIC coordinator at EMRBI

In our aim to develop cross institutional cooperation, enhance research opportunities, support joint publication and promote funding application across institutions, in the region, we have introduced 8 years ago the Research Interest Committee (RIC) operational structure.

Specifically RICs operate within a framework to enhance the following:

  • Cross-cultural studies, joint research, consulting, and fundraising
  • Encourage interaction between the business community and the academia
  • Develop joint programmes across institutions
  • Generate research input from and/or knowledge transfer with academic, corporate or governmental institutions
  • Disseminate research findings, new research areas, techniques and conceptual developments
  • Organize mini conferences/symposia/workshops/seminars
  • Support young researchers,; junior faculty and doctorate students
  • Organize common educational programmes across institutions
  • Aid towards the economic development and peace in the region
  • Support and promote the overall aims of EMRBI and EMAB
  • Research Interest Committees are lead by a Chair who is responsible for its development, functionality and coordination.

Following discussions that were held at the annual Leaders? Meeting, that took place in Estoril, Portugal last September, it was decided that as from January 1st 2014 a RIC?s Manager/Coordinator will be appointed. His role would be an instrumental one in leading, activating, guiding and motivating RIC Chairs to further develop cooperation within their respective RICs. At the same time, he will be providing his feedback and suggested changes to the board with regards to changes that ought to be made towards the better functionality of this important function.

In this extremely important role, Dr Riad Shams is appointed for next two years. Dr Shams ([email protected]) has completed his Professional Doctorate from the Central Queensland University, Australia in 2011. Alongside his part time teaching and research support role, he is commencing his sponsored PhD in the University of Newcastle, Australia in March 2014. He has ten years of academic and industry experience, and also published in peer reviewed papers.

Please join us in congratulating Dr Shams who will be contacting specific RIC Chairs and Members in due course.

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