Supply Chain Management/Logistics Group

The increasing concern to  Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been accompanied by special attention to the rapid advance of  the Logistics from the distribution to integrated interdisciplinary and intercompany value creation  network. The systematic and strategic coordination of the SCM, aiming at improving long-term performance, has addressed research attention to the relevant concepts and corresponding issues, particularly, ‘system’ , ‘strategy’ and ‘processes’. Further enhancement has been to Sustainable SCM (SSCM) alongside social, regional, local and size dimensions for maximization of the “collective capabilities”, “synergy effects” and sustainable competitive advantage within the new global market environment.
In general, supply chain strategies require a total systems view of the linkages in the chain that work together efficiently for value creation, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

In such a context, the SCM RIC  strongly encourages practitioners to contribute in proposals, discussion papers, articles etc. initiatives for developing knowledge and learning experiences.

The specific scientific initiatives may be included in the following topics list (indicatively) :

*       Logistics / Green Supply Chain Management
*       Life cycle assessment and Sustainable Supply Chains
*       Reverse Logistics and Wastes Management
*       Procurement – Resources Efficiency
*       Retail Distribution / Distribution structures
*       Transport systems and models
*       City Logistics – Urban Freight Transport
*       Track and Trace systems
*       Lean Manufacturing and Lean Chains
*       Agrifood and other sectors supply chains
CHAIR: George Malindretos