Scope of Activities

The scope of EMRBI activities is separated into two categories: those which are primarily academic/scholarly in nature, and professional services. Both categories aid the development of collaboration and prosperity among the people of the Euromed region and additionally include activities which explicitly target just that.
All these activities are undertaken by ad hoc mixes of organisations and individuals from the network, that ensure the high standards EMRBI is committed to offer and in the context described above. EMRBI activities cover a wide spectrum of business areas and include the following:

EMRBI Activities

EMRBI Academic/Scholarly Activities Include:

  • Participation in funded research projects
  • Editorship and/or publication of journal(s) and books
  • Research publications such as papers in journals and conference proceedings
  • Creation and/or collaboration with and/or participation in local and international research networks
  • Organisation of Academic conferences and seminars and workshops
  • Alternative dissemination of research findings and data
  • Facilitating, overseeing/supervision of post-graduate research works (PhDs, DBAs, MPhils etc)
  • Assisting academics and practitioners to keep up-to-date with business developments in the European-Mediterranean region.
  • Development of an international database of research and information on business areas in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • Other

EMRBI Professional Services Include:

  • Professionalmarket, industry and organisational research· Consulting
  • Training
  • Industry / practitioners’/ professionals’ conference / seminar / workshops organisation
  • Further and/or specialised services (according to individual project situation)
  • Sponsored related projects
  • Other

Additional EMRBI activities with explicit socio-political aims include:

  • Conducting cross-cultural studies that focus on contact between different organizational cultures
  • Encouraging interaction between the business community and academia, both locally and internationally
  • Developing joint academic/scholarly and/or industry programs across institutions and countries
  • Developing business research cooperation between countries and people
  • Facilitate the exchange and sharing of information and knowledge across institutions and countries
  • Other activities aiding the economic development of the region, political stability, understanding and peace.


All activities undertaken through and/or in the name of EMRBI must:

  • Conform to the vision and mission of EMRBI and consequently fall within the specified context of EMRBI activities
  • Be performed to the high standards EMRBI is committed to offer as a matter of principle and as a matter of strategically building the international reputation it aims for.
  • Be individually approved by the Executive Board of the institute and only if they evidently satisfy the above.
  • Be governed by clear, explicit and transparent financial principles, agreements and actions, visible to all and with formally kept records open for inspection to all EMRBI members and potentially stakeholders.

The EuroMed Research Business Institute exists to pursue its stated vision and mission alone. Its income is the means to fulfilling its objectives, but ends do not justify the means. All EMRBI activities, including its income-generating ones are bound by the ethical, academic, professional and contextual standards that underlie, support and motivate its very existence: ‘to produce and disseminate business knowledge that will effectively contribute to the economic and social development in the Euro-Mediterranean region; strengthen collaboration within and between its countries; and promote peace, political stability and understanding among its people.