Prof.  Lalit Wankhade

Affiliation: SGGS Institute of Engg. & Technology
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City: Nanded
Country: India
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Research interests: Interdisciplinary Research
Green Economy
Dear Colleagues,

Green economy is a modern and emerging concept. As it is symbiotic to sustainable development, it is useful to all. The posterity will be highly thankful to us and in return greening will see continuity. The landscape of green economy has a wider spectrum, from traditional to recent, from lifestyle to industrial, and from local to international. People are hopeful of the prospectus of job creation due to the green economy in a variety of streams.

There is a no dearth of areas where green economy can not have its impact. The impact of green economy is vast and long lasting, Appraisals of green projects, may seem costly, but if we see it in long term dynamics, we are definitely more than satisfied.

Green energy, green building, green infrastructure, green production processes and above all green technology, all these are covered in a single term “Green Economy.” In industrial scenario, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has been changing to green PLM. Thus it opens a multitude of research opportunities.

A professional belonging to any field – business, economy, energy, engineering, management, medicine, sciences, and tourism – everybody can participate in the green economy. By doing so we can work in our core areas as well as we can contribute to the society. Apart from being professional we are also working for a noble cause.

Hence my ardent appeal that everybody of us should undertake some task of green economy. Let us collaborate on some identified niches and come out with some beautiful things.

Prof.  Lalit  Wankhade