• The EuroMed Research Business Institute aims to create and disseminate business knowledge by research, teaching, training, and consulting to researchers, universities, and businesses (private and public), governments and other organizations and students, especially in the Mediterranean and European region.
  • We believe that business knowledge can contribute to the economical and business development in the EuroMed region within and between countries, and can contribute to better political stability in the region and to peace between countries.
  • The participation in the EuroMed Research Business Institute is open to all regardless of nationality or conflicts between governments, nations or people


  • Creating and disseminating business knowledge through research findings, new research areas and techniques, and conceptual developments to the academic practitioners and consulting individuals and organizations.
  • Fundraising, joint research and consulting.
  • Conducting cross-cultural studies that focus on contact between different organizational cultures.
  • Encouraging interaction between the business community and the academia.
  • Assisting academics and practitioners to keep-up-to-date with business developments in European and Mediterranean countries.
  • Developing joint programs across institutions.
  • Aiding towards the economic development of the region.
  • Contributing to peace in the region by developing business/research cooperation between people, institutions and countries.