Dario Natale Palmucci

Position: PhD student
Affiliation: University of Turin
Address: Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 bis
City: Torino
Country: Italy
Zip Code/ Postal: 10134
Email: [email protected]
Cell phone: (+39) 320 2785659
Skype: dario.natale.palmucci
Internet site:  
Research interests: International Management – HR Psychology – Human Resources Management – HR Digitalization – Change Management – Leadership Development – Diversity and Inclusion – Organizational Behaviour – Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Cognitive Bias – Decision Making – Business Organization – Climate Change & Circular economy – Sustainable development – Food business
Dario Natale Palmucci received his Ph.D. in Business and Management at the Department of Management, University of Turin (Italy) in 2022 with a thesis in Cognitive Bias affecting Strategic decision Making for the sustainability development. He has a double background in Psychology and Business Management holding an MBA in International Management, a Master’s degree in Human Resources Psychology, a Master of science in Business Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology. His areas of expertise, research and interest are HR Management, Decision Making and Cognitive Bias, Climate Change/Sustainability and Green Economy, Change Management and HR Digitalization, Diversity and Inclusion. He is an experienced adjunct professor of Human Resources teaching in business schools and universities, bringing also over 10 years of HR professional experience in both the private and the public sector, 7 years of which working in the United Nations. He has a strong international experience having studied and worked in Rome and Turin (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), London (UK), Panama City (Panama) and Perth (Australia).