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Handbook for Research on Mergers and Acquisitions

Edited by Yaakov Weber

The Handbook explores how underlying concepts and methodologies can make an important contribution towards understanding M&A and their performance. This authoritative volume presents research that incorporates multidisciplinary, multi-level, multe-stages and cross cultural modes and analyses, and also focuses on such issues as process-content, knowledge transfer, due diligence, performance measures, communication, trust, grief, integration approaches, individual values, and change management.
Scholars interested in research on strategy as well as Masters and PhD students on mergers and acquisitions courses will find much of value in this compilation.
Comprehensive Guide for Mergers and Acquisitions Management, Financial Times
The book focus on all stages of both domestic and international M&A process, including negotiation. It pays essential attention to the LINKAGE between pre- and post-merger stages. This linkage is crucial to M&A performance, yet, neglected by most, if not all, books on M&A. It directed to executives and managers. The book will have interdisciplinary approach that combines points of view and data from various disciplines and will integrate them.
In addition to essential issues such as calculation of synergy potential, steps of due diligence, etc., the book will presents material relevant to performance on such neglected issues as integration approaches, negotiation, planning, leadership, strategic choices, trust, knowledge transfer, identity, HR practices, and relevance of organizational and international culture to those issues.